NSDC Certified courses

NSDC Certification

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  • APPROVED FUNDED TRAINING PARTNER OF NATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (N.S.D.C) - Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India

The National Skill Development Corporation India, (NSDC) is a one of its type, A Public Private Partnership in India under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.

Its primary aims to advance the skill development of Indian youth by inculcating the need for future workforce in India & to address the growing demand of skill training for the employability of young adults into the Indian economy.
NSDC was set up as part of a National Skill Development project to meet the raising needfulness in India for professionally skilled workforce across sectors and bridge the subsisting gap between the demand and force of expertise.


Advantages of NSDC Certification

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  • Advantages of NSDC Certification for students successfully completing the course:

1. Approved by the Government of India.
2. Assiduity validated.
3. The particulars of the aspirants would be readily available in the Government Directory after certification.
4. Compass for up-skilling.
5. Employability chances are veritably high with high payout rates.
6. Gateway to International openings for employability.
7. Certifications are tamperproof.

8. Scope for growth in an organization.

9. Helps to gain a competitive edge among students.

10. You can get the certification after completing the course.

11. This certification is important if you want to go for any job role at Skill Development.

12. This certificate is valid over all in India.

Are courses offered by NSDC of any value?

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  • Are courses offered by NSDC of any value?

Yes the Skilling imparted by NSDC is of immense value. Skilling helps to identify and bridge the gap between ones knowledge and industry requirements. The skilled candidates have far better chances of landing in their preferred career. Industry too nowadays are preferring skilled youth, because they are already aligned to the industry requirement and their on-the-job performance is superior to their counterparts.

NSDC courses enable you to get employed immediately after learning a skill. These help skilled and motivated individuals find a job and earn a livelihood, while contributing to the economy of the country.

What is the benefit of doing courses under the NSDC approved training centers?

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  • What is the benefit of doing courses under the NSDC approved training centers?

NSDC skilling at the accredited centre has following benefits:

a. The training is carried out by the centre under accredited Sector Skill Council (SSC).

b. The training centre follows a prescribed syllabus drafted under Qualification Pack for National Occupational Standards.

c. The trainers are certified by the Sector Skill Council and authorized to carryout training under the guidelines.

d. The training centers are inspected for meeting Sector Skill Council requirements of the infrastructure before commencement of the training and they do so also during the course of the training.

e. Enrolments, registrations and trainings are recorded on Skill India Portal, thereby allotting the trainee a unique candidate id.

f. Bases on the candidate I'd, the NSDC and SSC monitor the training, attendance and assessment, after which the NSDC certification is awarded.

g. NSDC certification received from accredited training centre is only valid. A valid certificate lends enhanced chances of placement.

h. Most of the NSDC training at their centers is free of cost and the training centers assist in placements also.

Why the need for NSDC?

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  • Why the need for NSDC?

India has less than 2% of its workforce as skilled labor. The contribution of informal sector to the GDP is more than the formal sector. To be able to tap the potential of the demographic dividend, it is imperative that India, as a nation of 1.27 billion, builds capacity of its youth. With the same view, there has been a surge in skill development and capacity building initiatives and National Skill Development Corporation is acting as the implementation agency for them. Government has already taken aligned step through scheme like Nayi Manzil (certificates to school dropouts from minority communities) and SETU (Self Employment and Talent Utilization) Scheme but there is now a more streamlined process for the same.

Goal of NSDC

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The goal of NSDC is to skill / up-skill 150 million people in India, entailing youth from pastoral regions by the year 2022, substancially by cultivating private sector enterprise 

in skill development programs and furnishing viability gap backing.

NSDC would cover expertise from the organized as easily as from the un-organized sectors.

MNG Academy is the best registered NSDC training center in Kolkata

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MNG Academy is the Approved Funded NSDC training partner providing skill development courses with the Skill India Council, providing NSDC-certified courses, skill training, placement assistance, classroom training, expert coaching in Kolkata, and NSDC certificate. MNG Academy is the best registered NSDC training center in Kolkata offering certification courses by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for Industrial training.

If you're looking to develop your skills and advance your career prospects in Kolkata, MNG Academy is the perfect choice for you. We are an approved funded training partner of NSDC with a focus on providing quality skill development courses and NSDC-certified training programs to our students.

Our range of courses includes GDA Advance (Nursing Assistant) Course, Bridal Fashion & Portfolio Makeup Artist Course, Food & Beverage Service Steward Course, Phlebotomy Course, Self-Employed Tailor Course, Beauty Therapist, Graphic Designer Course, and Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator.

At MNG Academy, we prioritize practical training and have an in-house lab facility to ensure that our students receive hands-on experience in their field of study. This approach has helped us achieve a high placement rate for our Graphic Designing course graduates.

To learn more about our courses and how they can help you achieve your career goals, contact us at +91 7980191435 for a free counseling session. Our mission is to provide industry-ready skills and develop entrepreneurial traits in our trainees. Visit our website at www.mngacademy.in for more details.

At MNG Academy, we offer a range of NSDC-certified courses, including GDA Advance (Nursing Assistant) Course, Bridal Fashion & Portfolio Makeup Artist Course, Food & Beverage Service Steward Course, Phlebotomy Course, Self-Employed Tailor Course, Beauty Therapist, Graphic Designer Course, and Business Correspondent & Business Facilitator.

Our mission is to provide industry-ready skills and develop entrepreneurial traits in our trainees.

Our USP is our specialized Practical Training and in-house lab facility, which assures placement opportunities for those who complete our Graphic Designing course.

Contact us now at +91 7980191430 for a free counseling session and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in healthcare.

Join us to INFORM, EDUCATE & INSPIRE people to reach their professional goals. MNG Academy - Approved Funded Training Partner of NSDC in Kolkata, West Bengal.

MNG Academy is situated at @ Address: 134/1 Southern Avenue, Gol Park, 3rd Floor, Kolkata – 700 029

Unlocking a Bright Future: The Importance of NSDC Certification in Kolkata for Students' Careers

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Introduction: In today's competitive job market, where employers are constantly seeking skilled individuals, obtaining a National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) Certificate in Kolkata can significantly elevate a student's career prospects. This post explores the profound importance of NSDC certification and highlights why it has become a crucial asset for students aiming to secure rewarding career opportunities.

Section 1: Bridging the Skill Gap To thrive in the professional world, students must possess relevant and in-demand skills. NSDC certification programs in Kolkata are designed to bridge the skill gap by imparting industry-relevant training and knowledge. These programs offer comprehensive skill development, ensuring that students acquire the practical expertise and competency necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

Section 2: Enhanced Employability Securing an NSDC Certificate in Kolkata increases students' employability by providing them with a recognized and credible qualification. Employers often prioritize candidates with specialized certifications, as they provide assurance of the applicant's competency and dedication to professional development. With an NSDC certification, students gain a competitive edge in the job market, opening doors to a range of lucrative employment opportunities.

Section 3: Industry Recognition and Validation NSDC certifications are widely recognized by both domestic and international industries. Kolkata, being a hub of various sectors such as IT, hospitality, healthcare, and more, offers a vast array of NSDC courses tailored to specific industries. These certifications validate students' expertise, giving them an industry-backed endorsement that employers value greatly. It demonstrates that graduates possess the necessary skills to contribute effectively to their chosen fields.

Section 4: Skill Diversity and Flexibility One of the remarkable aspects of NSDC certification programs in Kolkata is the wide variety of skill options available. Students can choose from an extensive range of courses across diverse industries, enabling them to pursue their passions and interests. Whether it's digital marketing, software development, culinary arts, or healthcare, NSDC offers certifications that cater to every career aspiration. This versatility empowers students with the flexibility to explore various job sectors and expand their professional horizons.

Section 5: Network Building and Collaborative Opportunities NSDC programs provide students with an excellent platform to build professional networks and foster collaborative relationships. Through these certification programs, students get the opportunity to interact with industry experts, trainers, and fellow learners, creating a vibrant ecosystem for knowledge sharing and skill enhancement. These connections and collaborations often prove invaluable when seeking internships, job placements, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Conclusion: Obtaining an NSDC Certificate in Kolkata can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career. By offering industry-recognized skills, enhancing employability, and providing valuable networking opportunities, NSDC certifications empower students to stand out in a competitive job market. As students equip themselves with the right certifications in Kolkata's thriving industries, they embark on a journey towards a promising and prosperous future. So, don't miss out on the incredible advantages NSDC certification brings to your career - start your journey today!

What is the value of NSDC Certificate for Students of Kolkata, West Bengal?

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NSDC certification provides numerous benefits for students, helping them excel in their careers. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Enhanced Employability: NSDC certifications are widely recognized by industries, giving students a competitive edge in the job market. These certifications validate their skills and knowledge, making them more attractive to employers. It showcases their commitment to professional development and demonstrates their competency in specific areas.

  2. Industry-Relevant Skills: NSDC certification programs focus on developing practical and industry-specific skills. By enrolling in these programs, students gain the knowledge and expertise required to meet the demands of the job market. This enables them to hit the ground running and contribute effectively to their chosen fields.

  3. Credibility and Recognition: NSDC certifications carry credibility and recognition within the industry. Employers value these certifications as they are backed by a reputable organization like the National Skill Development Corporation. Having an NSDC certification improves students' credibility and increases their chances of being considered for job opportunities.

  4. Increased Job Opportunities: With an NSDC certification, students gain access to a wider range of job opportunities. Many employers specifically look for candidates with relevant certifications, considering them to be better equipped for the role. NSDC certification acts as a gateway to various industries and job sectors, expanding students' options and increasing their chances of securing their desired positions.

  5. Skill Development and Growth: NSDC certification programs are designed to enhance students' skills and promote continuous learning. These programs often include practical training, workshops, and industry interactions, enabling students to refine their abilities and stay updated with the latest industry trends. NSDC certifications provide a solid foundation for long-term career growth and provide opportunities for specialized training and upskilling.

  6. Professional Networking: NSDC programs offer students the chance to connect with industry experts, trainers, and fellow learners. This networking creates valuable opportunities for mentorship, collaboration, and future professional connections. Building a strong professional network can open doors to internships, job placements, and even entrepreneurial ventures.

In summary, NSDC certification benefits students by enhancing their employability, providing industry-relevant skills, boosting credibility, increasing job opportunities, promoting skill development and growth, and facilitating professional networking. With these advantages, NSDC certification acts as a catalyst for students' career success and growth.

How can students obtain free NSDC certification?

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To obtain an NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) certification, students can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Research NSDC Training Partners: Start by researching NSDC-approved training partners in your area. NSDC has collaborated with numerous government and private organizations to offer skill development programs. Visit the NSDC website or utilize online search engines to find authorized training partners near you.

  2. Choose a Suitable Course: NSDC offers a wide range of courses across various industries and sectors. Explore the available courses and select one that aligns with your career goals and interests. Consider the industry demand, job prospects, and your personal aspirations when making your decision.

  3. Enroll in Training Program: Once you have identified a suitable course, enroll in the training program provided by the authorized NSDC training partner. Contact the training center, ensure their affiliation with NSDC, and confirm the course details, duration, and fees. Provide the required documentation and complete the enrollment formalities.

  4. Attend Training Sessions: Attend the training sessions as per the schedule provided by the training center. The training will focus on imparting practical skills and knowledge related to the chosen course. Be proactive, participate actively, and make the most of the training sessions to enhance your learning experience.

  5. Assessment and Evaluation: Throughout the training program, assessments and evaluations will be conducted to test your understanding and proficiency. These assessments may include practical exams, theoretical exams, and skill demonstrations. Ensure that you prepare well and perform to the best of your abilities.

  6. Certification Process: Upon successful completion of the training program and meeting the assessment requirements, you will be eligible for an NSDC certification. The training partner will facilitate the certification process, which may involve the submission of necessary documents, fee payment, and issuance of the official NSDC certificate.

  7. Skill Development Record: NSDC maintains a Skill Development Management System (SDMS) that records and tracks the skills and certifications of individuals. Make sure your NSDC certification is included in this record, as it serves as a comprehensive skills portfolio for future reference and verification purposes.

Remember, NSDC certification is a valuable asset that validates your skills and enhances your employability. Take advantage of the opportunities provided by NSDC to gain practical knowledge, boost your career prospects, and secure a brighter future.