What is the difference between a Nurse and a Nursing Assistant?

What is the difference between a Nurse and a Nursing Assistant?

What is the difference between a Nurse and a Nursing Assistant?


While starting a career in the field of nursing, one can either become a nurse or a nursing assistant. One of the essential differences between a nurse and a nursing assistant is the type of tasks they are assigned and the care that they provide. Some of the other differences may include the salary expectation and the educational qualification. One can start with a certified nursing assistant and later can pursue higher education in order to get good job opportunities with a nursing degree.

Difference between a Nurse and a Nursing Assistant

The important and essential difference between a nurse and a nursing assistant is related to the role that they fill in as per the health care hierarchy. A nursing assistant can main job is to provide basic care to the patients. Basically, nursing assistants work under the supervision of registered and certified nurses. On the other hand, a nurse is engaged in providing high level of care to the patients and generally works and co-ordinates under the supervision of a doctor.

The nursing assistants perform some of the tasks for the well being of the patients which includes helping patients use the toilet, bathing patients, assist the patient while they are eating, checking vital signs etc. to name a few. Apart from that nursing assistants also help patients in moving from their bed, help them with a wheelchair while they are going out for appointments and other areas for treatment. In case the patient complains about anything, then the nursing assistant will be held liable to rely on this information to the nurse.

Nurses perform greater roles as compared to nursing assistance in treatment and patient care. The duty of nurse basically includes checking medical history, assessing the condition of the patient etc. and many more.   Nurses usually work with doctors and set up the plans for treatment as per the instruction of the doctor with whom they are working. Apart from that, nurses also undertake treatment plan including medication administration, monitoring of medical equipment etc. to name a few. Nurses play a dominant role in educating the patients, ensuring that the conditions of the patients is good and process of recovery either in home treatment or in hospital.

 Nurse  vs.  Nursing Assistant

To provide care to patients successfully, a nurse must have the educational qualification of a certified nurse. There are a lot of colleges and educational institutions that are offering courses to become a registered nurse. Some employers requires to have a bachelors degree in nursing whereas prefer experience over higher degree and education.

To become a nursing assistant, one must have completed the training program meant for becoming a Nursing Assistant at a local college, educational institution, local community college, hospital or a vocational school. Apart from that, the candidate must have obtained on-job-training. Most of the colleges offering nursing assistant courses have to pass a entrance examination, however, the requirement of entrance examination differ from college to college.

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