The Role of a Nurse in Mental Health Practice

The Role of a Nurse in Mental Health Practice

The nurse, who is taking care of psychiatric patients is expected to work in
different areas, as psychiatric nursing does not mean just the care of mental
hospital patients. The care of psychiatric patients extends beyond the walls of
the hospital to encompass the needs of patients in other set-ups.
The psychiatric nurse has to be familiar with:
1. Mental hospital psychiatry
2. General hospital psychiatry and
3. Community psychiatry.
In giving care to the mentally ill, none of the above can substitute the other.
Instead, each system should support the other. Some patients are to be kept
only in a mental hospital. Many others have to be attended in a general
hospital set-up. Psychiatric care can be given effect at the community
level also. Nowadays, looking after the mentally ill patients at home is more
encouraged, as it is advised in some other physical illnesses like tuberculosis.
To improve mental health care in our country all the three systems
namely, mental hospital psychiatry, general hospital psychiatry, and
community psychiatry should have a coordinated and integrated health
care plan.
The skills required are:
Basic nursing skills
Technical nursing skills
Occupational and recreational skills
• Organizational skills
Interpersonal skills
• Observational skills
• Skills of communication with patients and coworkers.
.upon to
In a psychiatric institutional setting, the nurse may be called
work in the:
The outpatient department of the psychiatric hospital
Day hospital
Acute emergency ward
Family care units
Special clinics like child guidance clinics, deaddiction wards, etc.
• Rehabilitation units.
The safe custody of patients
Carrying out various treatment modalities (physical and psychological)
The administration of the ward
Carrying out the therapeutic milieu
Responsibility of health education to patients and their relatives
Patient-centered and research-minded responsibilities
Maintain better adjustment and cordial relationships with professional
Playing an active role in promoting mental health services.
There are many types of duty that may occur in GH:
The anxieties of the normal patients suffering from any type of illness
Those with psychosomatic illness or other types of mild emotional
Those with obvious but manageable mental illness
Those with acute psychiatric disturbance
Those who attempted suicide.
The nurse’s role in this setting can be viewed from different angles:
Health promotion, which includes:
• Participation in health education programs
Working with special groups, e.g. pregnant women, elderly, adolescents,
Helping the authorities in changing the attitude towards mental illness
Activity with the individual, the family, or special groups preventive
action and case finding
Ensuring continuity of care
Participation in studies with regard to community needs
Participation in rehabilitation programs.



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