The nurse acts as a part of a therapeutic team, where, in
addition to her traditional work, she has the opportunity to take an active
part in other aspects of treatment. Her career objective job in nursing training in Kolkata is to work with the team to enable each patient to get better and return back to the community.

The following are some important tasks of a nurse in a psychiatric set-up.

1. The nurse often has the opportunity to intervene in a behavior problem
on the spot which if ignored or allowed to continue would aggravate the
patient’s psychological condition.

2. The nurse should conduct brief counseling with patients and their
families. Such counseling may be formally structured or may take place
in informal situations keeping the main focus on helping the patients communicating more clearly.

3. The technical aspects of patient care represent another major role of
the nurse. She manages the distribution of drugs, carries out medical
treatment, and assists in physical methods of treatment.

4. Reporting is another main task. The nurse has to record, assess and
report to the psychiatrist her observations regarding the patient’s
behavior, the interaction between the patient and members of his
family, the effects of drugs and other forms of treatment, the patient’s
physical status, etc.

5. The nurse plays the role of a surrogate mother when she takes care
of the activities of daily living. She keeps him clean, helps him in the elimination, exercises his inactive limb, and makes sure that he
gets sufficient nourishment by a well-balanced diet. Exploiting this
relationship to the fullest can result in a considerable therapeutic benefit
to the patient.

6. Health education is another important role. The nurse helps patients
learn physical and mental hygiene.

7. The nurse motivates the patient to participate actively in rehabilitation
programs like occupational therapy, industrial therapy, and recreation

8. The nurse in a psychiatric set-up also guides and supervises the
functions of other paramedical personnel in the ward. These staff
members work closely with the patients and depend on the nurse for
directions and guidance.

9. The nurse as a helping and caring person makes the patient feel
supported and reassured. Thus, the nurse acts like a psychotherapist.
Nurses also conduct family therapy and group therapy in a co-therapist
situation or alone or as part of a team. The nursing role in crisis intervention
and suicide prevention is very vital.

10. A psychiatric nurse has to play different roles according to the setting.
Her job may be looking after demented elderly inpatients at one set-
up and working in a therapeutic community run for adolescents in
another. Other varied situations include the acute admission ward of a
large psychiatric hospital, community work, where patients are seen in
their own homes, attachment to a psychiatric department in a general
hospital, administrative work, and work in a day hospital or out-patient

Thus, in the care of the psychologically ill, the nurse has many roles to
play. She is:
1. An assistant
2. A caretaker
3. Well-wisher
4. Listener
5. Observer
6. Therapist
7. Motivator
8. Teacher
9. Surrogate mother
10. Administrator
11. Healer


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