Nursing care for critical patients

When a Nurse is undertaking any movement and handling activity, including mobilizing of a patent, the importance of undertaking a radical assessment of the task before commencing is crucial. By undertaking a comprehensive assessment and utilizing all the knowledge gained, it’s possible to identify constraints of an activity that will end in a nursing patient falling if the manoeuvre is performed, and thus influence the choice on whether or not to utilize such a manoeuvre.

It is much safer to stop a patient from falling within the first instance than to
have them fall whilst moving or mobilizing them is the duty of a Nurse & Nursing Assistant. With good assessment, it is possible to significantly reduce the incidence of trips, slips, or falls.
To aid within the assessment of patients and their ability to weight-bear a
simple assessment is often performed. This involves getting the nursing patient into a seated position. The client should then be asked to boost the lower part of their legs from the knee downwards, in order that the legs are straight.

The ability to successfully accomplish this may indicate whether or not the
patient under the Nurse’s care is probably going to be ready to weight-bear.
If a patient does fall, this will have a detrimental effect not only on them
but also on their family and indeed those caring for the patient. The patient may be physically injured during the autumnwhich can end in their ability to mobilize being reduced, with the concomitant risks. There could also be subsequent loss of confidence in their own abilities to mobilize, and they
may suffer from heightened anxieties and fear when people try to
help them mobilize or move them in future. Relatives of the patient under the care of the Nurse who has fallen may display feelings of hysteria, anger or concern that this has happened, this being particularly, but not necessarily, more likely if physical harm has actually occurred to the client as a result of falling.

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