Need of Psychiatric Nursing

Need of Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric nursing has been recognized as a profession after a long struggle.
There are two basic needs in psychiatric nursing:
Defining the nursing.
Identifying a scientific method for delivery of nursing.


“Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or
potential health problems”
Thus, the emphasis is on problematic, psychosocial, and behavioral
human responses of patients rather than upon diagnostic categories of
mental illness, which is diagnosed and treated by psychiatrists.

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The Nursing Process has been identified as the Nurse’s Scientific
Methodology for the delivery of nursing care. The curriculum of all
nursing schools and colleges, as per the recommendation of the Indian
Nursing Council, now includes psychiatric nursing as a component of their
conceptual framework.

Nursing diagnosis is an integral part of the nursing process, “Nursing
diagnosis provides the basis for prescriptions for definitive therapy for
which the nurse is accountable
The essential component of psychiatric nursing is the nurse-patient
relationship. This relationship being therapeutic in nature has to be
developed around the three essential qualities of a therapeutic relationship
namely, empathy, warmth, and genuineness. Psychiatric nurses should
have the ability to utilize these elements in their work.

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The following are the essential qualities that form the process of psychiatric nursing.

Recognition and understanding of the elements of the relationship
Appropriate thinking and problem solving
Theoretical framework and interactional structure
Therapeutic use of self.
Questions that relate to nursing behavior in a variety of situations are
presented according to the five steps of the nursing process. According to
Townsend, the five steps of the nursing process are:
Assessment Establishing a database about a patient.

Goals of Care

Identifying the patient’s healthcare needs and selecting
Planning Designing a strategy to achieve the goals established for
the patient.
Implementing Initiating and completing actions necessary to accomplish
the defined goals.
Evaluating Determining the extent to which the goals have been
By following these five steps, the nurse has a systematic framework for
decision-making and problem-solving in the delivery of nursing care.


A nurse working with psychiatric patients should:
Be sympathetic and understanding
Have patience and a capacity to listen
Be a good observer
Be bold and helpful to the patient
Have a non-judgmental attitude towards the patient’s behavior
Be available during an emotional crisis
Be confidential

The following things which a nurse should not do to her psychiatric patients:
Pass comments
Laugh at
Be sarcastic
Be biased
Avoid contact
Let him down
Label him.


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