Need for Healthcare Assessment for Nurses

Need for Healthcare Assessment for Nurses

For many, health is viewed in biomedical terms because of the absence of disease and disability and is determined primarily by physiological factors. A behavioral perspective, on the opposite hand, acknowledges the importance of this medical model but sees health as being influenced by the way during which people live their lives and thus recognizes behavioral also as physiological determinants. An alternate perspective on health may be a socio-economic approach that sees health as being primarily influenced by the social and economic environment within which people live and therefore the constraints and opportunities such structural factors create.

Normative need – needs as they’re defined by experts and professionals supported research and evidence. These may change over time or consistent with different professional groups

● Felt needs – needs as they’re defined by individuals and sometimes related to wants

● Expressed need – felt need that has become an action, seeking out some quiet resolution to the necessity

● Comparative need – determined by comparing things of 1 individual or group thereto of another with similar characteristics. If one group is lacking in any area this becomes defined as a requirement

Benefits of completing a health need assessment of a Nurse

● a far better understanding of the health and health care issues facing a community
● a far better understanding of inequalities within a community
● Needs-led planning and development of interventions
● Needs-led prioritization of issues
● Challenge existing practice and consider new ways of working
● simpler and equitable allocation of resources
● Contribute to effective partnership working
● Create a shared understanding of need and priorities between partners
● Improved dialogue and understanding between community and decision-makers
● Identifies capacity within the community to address issues
● Community involvement in decision-making
● Development of public health skills of professionals

Nursing Career is a dignified profession under the Health Care Sector focused on curing & treatment people, families, and lives in order to recover their health and quality of life.

At MNG Healthcare, you can avail a myriad of courses from Auxiliary Nursing & Family Welfare Training (18 Months), Nursing Assistant (GDA Advance – 12 Months) & Caregiver (6 Months 40 Hours). Specialized in Practical Training., from medical nursing to general nursing assistant, also providing facilities for male nursing as well under our course duration.

MNG Healthcare believes that this basic course in nursing should prepare nurses for occupying first-level positions in nursing altogether sorts of health care settings where information is provided to the students regarding nursing course details, nursing classes, course eligibility, how to apply for Nursing courses in Kolkata, nursing college courses & medical nursing colleges.

MNG Healthcare being one of the reputed Institutes of nursing offering nursing degree courses where any student can take admission or apply for basic nurses training for boys & girls.

In order for candidates to secure a good career in the healthcare, industry one doesn’t only need to get associated with a reputed nursing institute in Kolkata, West Bengal but also need to have complete knowledge and skill necessary, since healthcare is such a booming industry.

MNG Healthcare, is one of the leading training institute of nursing & nursing tutorial in Kolkata & West Bengal where we are the leading theoretical coaching/tuition provider cum institute in Kolkata & West Bengal, offering assured Job for the courses on Auxiliary Nursing & Family Welfare Training (18 Months), Nursing Assistant (GDA Advance – 12 Months) & Caregiver (6 Months 40 Hours). Specialized in Practical Training.

MNG Mission & Vision:

We aim to deliver the highest in learning in both theoretical & practical learning in terms of medical profession & career guidance and counseling as well as information on nursing programs. To make each & every student seeking admission in Auxiliary Nursing & Family Welfare Training (18 Months), Nursing Assistant (GDA Advance – 12 Months) & Caregiver (6 Months 40 Hours). Specialized in Practical Training.. that comes to our Academy professionally adept in handling all nursing duties, by making them ready for the healthcare industry in Kolkata & West Bengal Nursing college.

USP of MNG Healthcare in Nursing Course:

MNG has the state of the art equipment in our practical laboratory as well as 10,000 sq. ft. of infrastructure as well as renowned faculty who are experts in their field & help to provide in-depth knowledge for nursing assistant training as well as seasoned and skilled doctors & medical professional teachers and faculties teaching nursing course.

For any student who is seeking admission to advance their career in healthcare and is looking for admission in nursing colleges in Kolkata or looking for private nursing schools in Kolkata or course knowledge on various health-related courses.

We provide placement opportunities at old age homes,  nursing homes, hospitals, various corporate houses, business houses, pharmaceutical organizations, Montessori schools, Kindergarten Schools, Super & multi-specialty hospitals, medicine shops, labs & industries, etc. for various job oriented courses.

We are offering Nursing Tutorial & Coaching to student’s who are looking for admission to nursing colleges, searching for a nursing course in Kolkata.

MNG Academy is situated at @ Address: 134/1 Southern Avenue, Gol Park, 3rd Floor, Kolkata – 700 029, Contact us at Toll-Free: 1800 8891 301, Mobile:  62905 08669, Email:
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