Bedside nurses are those medical technicians who are engaged in providing direct health care to the patients in clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, ambulatory centers and other medical facilities.   Nurse practitioners, physicians and registered nurses play a important role in the bedside roles when it is related to providing effective health care services. In most of the hospitals and clinics, bedside assistants are considered as an anchor for each and everyone who are passing through the care. Bed Side Assistant must possess that empathy and trust in order to facilitate comfort for patients as well as the patient’s families.

Bedside Assistants have a comfortable position in the Indian healthcare system. In case a patient has some urgent changes in its treatment in their hospital room, then the bedside assistant look into the matter and check if they can resolve this.  They are mainly responsible for monitoring the progress of the patients, taking vitals, keeping clear communication between health care organization or hospital and patient, recording the changes in the symptoms if any.

In the modern bedside assistance work, communication skills and empathy are the two skills which are emphasized mainly making sure there is less confusion between the medical authorities and patients and try to avoid the medical jargon, demonstration of honesty and confidence through the body language, eye contact etc. Apart from that, Bedside Assistant are also encouraged to use technology as well as humor where it seems necessary or required with regard to improvement in the quality of the patient care structure.

The Job Roles Bedside Assistant

Bedside Assistants as explained must possess a few skill sets in order perform their duties in a perfect manner. However, the best and effective practice in the patient care comes through the knowledge and its implementation of soft skills and technical knowledge. Both of these things technical knowledge and soft skill are learned with years of practical experience and most importantly through education. Some of the technical skills and soft skills required for the job roles of a Bed Side Assistant are explained below;

Technical Skills

The following are some of the technical skills of job roles for a bed side assistant;

  •  Infection control
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Patient assessment
  • Telemetry
  • Catheterization
  • Setting up the treatment plans
  • Execution of the treatment plans

Soft Skills

  • Apart from dealing with the patients who are sick, they also deal with patients who are confused as well as scared and vulnerable often. The said feeling is respected and acknowledged by the bed side assistant.
  • Effective communication is one the most essential skills in bed side assistant. It is imperative while relying on the information provided in a simple manner.
  • One of the other aspect of soft skill is Critical thinking. The bedside assistance must know the situations and change them quickly as required and that the problems may not be that simple as it appears to be. Critical thinking requires diagnosis and proper execution of the treatment of the patients.

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