Fire Safety Program & Courses At MNG Academy

Fire Safety Program & Courses At MNG Academy

The Fire Safety educational program at MNG Academy has been developed and implemented to suits regulations, and to determine and maintain a fireplace safe working environment for workers.

At the core of the program is that the education and knowledge which we believe is that the key to save lots of lives, test and train occupants in fire safety awareness, and convey a better level of understanding of what’s involved so as to stop and more importantly SURVIVE a fireplace. In essence, the goal is to supply knowledge so on understand the origin of fires, sources of fires, the way to prevent fires from occurring, and eventually what to try to do if one is faced with fire.

Fire Prevention Plan:
The purpose of the plan is to eliminate the causes of fireside and stop the loss of life and property by fire. The plan provides faculty, staff, and students with information and guidelines which can assist in recognizing, reporting, and controlling also as eliminating the causes of fires and fire hazards.

The fire safety training is organized in such how to meet the precise needs of groups of individuals supported by the type of fireside hazards to which they’re exposed. This online training is often used for training office employees also as those that add laboratories.

Fires and explosions are the foremost serious physical hazards faced in typical chemistry labs also as in other labs and research and experiment settings. The concentration of fuel loads within the sort of flammable and flammable liquids also because the existence of highly pressurized cylinders of various kinds; alongside different sorts of ignition sources that are used for operation classify laboratories to be high hazard areas to figure.
Training will outline the way to prevent fire in a lab setting which can outline the handling of flammable and flammable liquids including hazardous waste materials (fuel loads) containment of ignition sources be electrical, chemical, or mechanical. It also addresses the right procedures to follow for preparing for a fireplace place emergency and what to try to do should a fire emergency occur. Hands-on extinguisher training and knowing the various sorts of extinguishers is additionally a crucial part of the training module. Lab supervisors, technicians, students, and school members who teach and add labs participate during this training.

Want to make your Career in Fire Safety Course in Kolkata?

MNG Academy is one of the few officially certified safety training institutes in West Bengal which provides Govt body certification courses on Diploma in Fire Safety Management & is the authorized training partner of MSME, TDC, Govt of India. We provide excellent practical training, detailed safety courses on Fire Technology & Safety Management, a fully equipped lab with state of the art Fire Fighting Equipment, skilled teachers & Certified Trainers to help our students build their career to offer them employment assistance as well as providing them benefits like easy installments, live industrial demo, industrial visits & expert training facilities.

Diploma in Fire Technology & Safety Management

During the one-year duration of the “Diploma in Fire Technology and Safety Management or Diploma Course in Safety Management, a candidate is trained on the professional skill, professional knowledge, and Employability skills related to the job role. In addition to this, a candidate is entrusted to undertake practical projects, extracurricular activities, and industrial visits to build up confidence. In this course, students would get to learn various aspects of fire & safety management, usage of equipment and gears, basic physics, This is one of the popular career-oriented programs that we offer. Our courses are authorized by MSME, TDC, Govt of India

MNG Academy is the official training partner of MSME TDC, Govt of India.

We are providing a PG Diploma course in Kolkata on Fire and Safety Training.

In PG Diploma in Fire and Safety Management in Kolkata, West Bengal, our fire safety candidate is given Practical Training on the professional skill, professional knowledge, and Employability skill related to Fire Training & Safety Management by our skilled trainers who are experienced professionals in the Fire Fighting profession. In addition to this, a candidate is entrusted to undertake project work, extracurricular activities, and Industrial Visits to build up confidence. In this course, students would get to learn various aspects of fire & safety management, usage of equipment and gears, basic physics

Here are some of the important subjects present in our Fire and Safety course –

Fire protection systems, Hydraulics and pumps, Industrial safety management, Fire fighting equipment, Search and rescue techniques, Accident investigation, Special fire hazards, Explosion and fire dynamics, Fire Safety, Risk Assessment, Health Safety, Environment Practical training.

PG Diploma in Fire & Safety Management

This is one of the popular career-oriented programs that we offer in our Safety Training Institute, plus we also help our students by giving them placement assistance & easy installment facilities on our admission and some students can even avail scholarships as well thus giving them a huge milage on their career path ensuring them employment as Safety Trainers both in India & Abroad.

MNG Academy is situated at @ Address: 134/1 Southern Avenue, Gol Park, 3rd Floor, Kolkata – 700 029, Contact us at Toll-Free: 1800 8891 301,

Mobile:  62905 08669/ 79801 91430, Email:

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