Basic Psychology

Basic Psychology

The total of values, attitudes, and consistent behavior patterns that are
unique to one person is termed as the personality.

Although, hereditary factors affect personality to some degree,
environmental factors are the most important determinants of personality.
Sigmund Freud, the Father of Psychoanalysis, believed that a healthy
personality depended on a successful transition through fine psychosexual
stages of oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital each with its particular
the conflict that must have overcome.

Freud, in his psychoanalytic approach, believed that the early childhood
experiences do not disappear without a trace. He stated that the mind could
be divided into three levels:

The conscious
The preconscious (subconscious), and
The unconscious.

The conscious mind contains all that we are aware of at any given
The subconscious mind comprises of memories, thoughts, and feelings,
which we can bring into consciousness at will.
The unconscious mind contains all the memories, wishes, and feelings
that we do not know about and cannot recall even if we try. These can be
brought out by psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalysis can be processed in two ways:
Free Association, and Dream Analysis.

According to Freud’s theory, the personality includes three separate, but
interacting systems.
The Id
The Ego, and
The Super Ego.

Id: The primitive unconscious part of the personality. Id is the source of
instinctual energy, which works on the pleasure principle. Id seeks complete
and immediate gratification of desire. Ego: Ego is the reality-based aspect of the self.

The ego is that part of the
personality that seeks to satisfy the Id and the super ego. It is the reality and
practical mind.

Super ego: Super ego is the moral branch of mental functioning. It is the
controlling mind.
When ego can balance between Id and super ego, the mind can
function normally. When there is ego disturbance, there is bound to be
mental imbalance and problems.


Sigmund Freud first identified a unique set of emotional coping strategies
that he called Ego Defense Mechanisms. Defense mechanism is an
automatic, unconscious response that helps a person reduces painful
feelings associated with emotional problems.

Characteristics of Defense Mechanisms

They protect the person from anxiety
They protect the person from insult by boosting self-esteem or through
Defense mechanisms are not used deliberately; rather, they are
unconscious or at least partly so.
Defense mechanisms operate by:
Masking or disguising our true motives
Denying the existence of impulses, actions, or memories within ourselves
that might be provoked anxiety in us.

Adaptive mental mechanisms thus protect us from anxiety. All of us at
times use defense mechanisms. Defense mechanisms are essential for
healthy adaptation. Like anxiety, defense mechanisms can contribute in a
positive sense to an individual’s development. Through overuse or failure
when needed, defense mechanisms lead to disruptive and unhappy life


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