Assessment and the nursing process

Assessment and the nursing process

In order to work out a client’s care needs, the assessment may be a crucial first
step. If a client’s normal routines, patterns, and behaviors aren’t explored and compared with their current health care status and skills, significant aspects of care need could also be omitted or care could also be provided that the client doesn’t require. In doing so, there’s a risk of jeopardizing their independence and losing their trust and confidence. Assessment
is the first stage of a four-stage cyclical process generally mentioned because the ‘Nursing Process’

Whilst the stress appears to get on nursing, it are often argued that it
is equally applicable to any profession claiming to supply a service and
encountering a client for the primary time. For those curious about exploring
the historical development of this idea further, some key texts are often
found at the top of this section.

Assessment includes collecting all relevant information then deter-
mining the client’s actual or potential problems. From this information

care can then be planned fully in consultation with the client, their significant others, and other members of the multidisciplinary team as appropriate. Care planning should be clearly documented and include the goals of care – that’s, what it’s we are striving to realize – ensuring, of course, that these are both realistic and achievable, alongside precise details of how they’re getting to be achieved.

The nursing process and nursing models
Whilst the nursing process offers a scientific way of watching care delivery, on its own, it’s not particularly useful because it doesn’t give any indication on what to assess. It indicates that care should be planned, implemented, and evaluated but again offers little direction on the way to
do this. Consequently, a variety of practitioners and nurse theorists have
offered theoretical frameworks or models.

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